Local Products & Produce

The area of the Upper Tiber Valley and its surroundings is rich in hand-made products of high quality, ranging from ceramics to embroidery work to olive oil. We list some of these below.

Tela Umbra in Citta’ di Castello. A cooperative that produces quality weaving work using traditional looms. The workshop is open to the public.

Busatti in Anghiari, with shops also in Sansepolcro & Citta’ di Castello. Weaving using traditional methods.


SMAI in Citta’ di Castello. An exhibition of antique and repro furniture by a consortium of local furniture makers and restorers.

Grifani Donati in Citta’ di Castello. Printing using traditional presses.

Aboca Museum in Sansepolcro. A beautiful museum containing medicinal plants, antique books, prints & equipment. Aboca herb based health and beauty products are on sale at the shop inside the museum.

Ravagni near Anghiari. Olive oil production using traditional methods.

Ravagni oil copyOther local products include ceramics with both traditional Umbrian and modern designs. These can be seen particularly in Gubbio and Deruta (nr. Perugia). You can also find beautiful olive-wood products in the area, particularly in Assisi.

Ceramics from Gubbio
Ceramics from Gubbio

Wine. Red wine is a typical product of the local area of the Upper Tiber Valley. Further afield, a visit to the ‘cantine’ (wineries) of well-known wine areas and producers such as Montefalco, Montepulciano, Brunello, Chianti and Orvieto is an easy and enjoyable day’s outing.

Formaggi 002 copy
A wonderful selection of cheeses to sample